Friday, November 04, 2005

What happened to all the memes?

When I started blogging a few months ago, everybody seemed to be passing around those meme jobbies. The only problem is that they're too easy, being questions like What's your birthday? or When did your favourite household pet last contract scabies? So I've decided to introduce my own infuriating version, which I'm sure will soon be flashing its way around the internet.

Mister Fish's Difficult Meme

1) Identify five elements of classical Hellenistic storytelling in the Gospel of St Mark. Comment on the effect these have on our understanding of the Gospels as historical documents.

2) "Econometrics has failed to grasp the importance of non-linear systems." Discuss.

3) Whither architecture?

4 a) Discuss the extent to which the lack of evidence for dark matter affects string theory.
b) Design an experiment to search for evidence of either dark matter or gravity waves. Give costings.

5) "The disaster of the Black Death led directly to the end of serfdom in mediaeval England."

Give counter-examples, using evidence from either Hampshire or Kent and four from Leicestershire, Warwickshire, East Sussex, Suffolk, Northamptonshire, County Durham and Cornwall (except that you must not include both Warwickshire and County Durham if you have chosen to include two from Suffolk, Leicestershire and East Sussex).

If you have time left over, have a look at the Isle of Wight as well.

6) Freedom and equality: comrades or combatants?

7) Choose your favourite part of the periodic table. Justify, using laboratory experiments.

8) "Shakespeare: sexist, racist, and rude to children."

Deconstruct, quoting liberally from chain-smoking French intellectuals.

9) Give five examples of poor programming practice. Resist the temptation to include goto.

10) Design an eco-system for a simple geodesic dome. Observe its development over fifty years. Now introduce a destructive pathogen. How upset does it make you feel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Are you trying to show off? Get back to comics.

4:52 pm  
Anonymous John DiBello said...

I don 't have any answers for this meme. But hey, I just gotta say: Shut the fuck up, Anonymous.

1:48 am  
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