Thursday, November 03, 2005

Novel writing, and Germans viewed as space aliens

It turns out this Nanowrimo novel writing gig isn't so tough. Just over two days in, and my word count is a shade under 12000. It turns out to be possible to grind out five or six thousands words a day if you just tell your fingers to keep typing. I'm glad I've got detailed chapter outlines, though, as I don't have to worry about the plot.

I shan't be putting it up on my blog, even though I'm sure you'd all love to read a story about love and insurrection in a spaceship graveyard. The problem is that I'm a fussy writer. I can't bear putting work out without piles of editing - I usually have two or three editing runs on each blog post, and that's just after I've posted. And then I angst about whether I should delete it.

Nanowrimo is the exact opposite of fussy writing, where you're expected to guiltlessly push out endless substandard pages. It's all good fun, but I couldn't bring myself to let others see it in the state it's in.

I know it's all a bit ridiculous worrying, given nobody expects a blog to be a work of literature and, anyway, I've got more aliases than Sean Combs. Sorry, and all that.

There is also the point that, should the novel turn out to be publishable (not a great danger at this stage, I must say), if you've already blogged it, then that counts as prior publication, and book publishers wouldn't touch it. If I can find a passage I'm not utterly ashamed of, I'll stick it here.

Next week, I shall be flying off to Germany to stay in an overcrowded house in the Swabian Albs with a group of strange beings known as "in-laws". They're actually pleasant people, though their loud voices regularly flip my migraine switch to agonising, and are all completely immune to my native English eloquence, consisting as it does of equals measures of sarcasm, self-pity and bile. They regard me with the same attitude that space aliens have towards their captives - disinterest, compassion and a desire to work out if you can be classified as "sentient".

God, I hope Mrs Clone never reads this post.


Blogger Marionette said...

You're way ahead of me, then. I've been steadily cranking out the bare minimum and just about keeping up with the daily word target.

I also have no clue where my novel is going. I'm hoping that I'll trip over a plot before long or I may have to resort to the incipient lesbian love triangle that was supposed to just be a sub-plot.

12:03 am  
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