Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On balance, I've decided to become evil

Oh it's not that being good doesn't have its attractions - the satisfaction of benevolence, the pat-on-the-head-you've-become-a-good-man-son, the shiny teeth, the halo. But good characters have whiny self-obsessed partners (witness: Spider-Man), hellish day jobs (witness: Spider-Man - working as a science teacher at the High School where you were mercilessly bullied is surely a Stygian punishment) and a succession of family members and friends either pointlessly butchered or replaced by robots (witness: Spider-Man).

Doppelganger suggests I should use the old Nietzsche beyond-good-and-evil trick, but I reckon that's just an excuse for behaving unpleasantly and listening to lots of Wagner. Besides which, the mention of Nietzsche brings flashbacks of Billy Idol riding on the back of a US Army World War Two Jeep through the ruins of my old school. I'm pretty sure this in fact didn't happen, but I treasure the memory nonetheless.

Anyway, evil characters get to live in lairs, hire flunkies and flaunt the rules of petty bourgeois morality, and you just can't vote against luxury. The only downside is that I might become a one-shot Cable and Deadpool villain who gets humiliatingly beaten up and then slammed up in Ryker's Island (Stryker's Island? am I the only one confused by these names?) before getting disembowelled by Matt Murdock with a spoon for comic relief.

The best way forward, I think, is to obtain the Power Cosmic and build myself a reputation by crushing an entire galaxy. Sorted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cable and deadpool have villains?
I don't recall any villains that was sent to jail in that comic.

6:14 pm  

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