Monday, January 09, 2006

Interactive Special!

Mister Fish Productions, in association with Endemol Television, is proud to present the very latest in interactive blogging technology. Now you, the reader, have the chance to affect the posting on this, your blog.

Yes, for one week only, you can choose the topic of the next entry on this blog. To vote, simply use the mouse on your computer to click on the "comments" link at the end of this entry, and post the letter for the topic YOU want to read on Friday morning.

The topics are:

A - Masterpieces with Crap Endings
B - Take Out Baldy, He's Messing Up My Plot
C - Three Posts About Gumilyov. Part One - The Workman
D - The Potato That Snarled
E - The Greatest Eight-Point Arc Ever Told
F - The Times I Nearly Died

Now some say that the Reality Blog genre is dying on its arse, which is why this contest has a special twist. One of these is just a title I made up. Vote for it, and there'll be no post at all on Friday!

The closing date for votes is midnight on Thursday night, when our host Davina McFloozie will reveal which entry has won, and which others are going to have to leave the Mister Fish Household.

Vote carefully.