Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's easy to see without looking too far...

...that not much is really sacred.

I've just been looking at a Norwich City message board where they're making jokes about the Ipswich murders. Three bodies found this month and two more women missing. I won't bother providing a link.

The women were prostitutes who lived in our rivals' town, so it's OK to have a laugh, right? Even while the corpses are being fished out of streams.

Sometimes, you just have to despair.


Blogger Marionette said...

Humour is used as a defence mechanism against things that we can't handle.

It's also an excuse used by idiots who have no empathy with their fellow people to cover their ugly, spiteful little attacks against anyone not in their club/team/gang/whatever.

6:14 am  

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