Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What DC books should I be reading?

You've probably figured by now that my knowledge of the DC universe is limited to events which happened after, er, February 2005. So what have I missed? Can anyone suggest a list of DC trade books I should pick up? Exclude Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Swamp Thing, which I've read. Preferably light on Batman stories, too, because he irritates me nearly as much as Wolverine. And writing is much, much more important than art.

And none of that "The Watchmen" stuff either. What a load of pretentious wobbly rubbish that was...

...just kidding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starman by James Robinson
Great great stuff

By the way great blog and good posts

2:45 pm  
Blogger Phillip said...

Hey! Don't talk about the Watchmen that way...

oh, yeah.
Forget it.

10:08 pm  
Blogger Chris Tamarri said...

Check out the first couple years of Ed Brubaker's Catwoman (all of which is now in trade), the best comic from either the big two in years.

10:45 pm  
Anonymous Iron Lungfish said...

Ostrander's The Spectre was amazing, but I don't know how easy it is to find.

12:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUICIDE SQUAD! I don't know what, if anything, can be found in TPB, but you should basically be willing to kill for it.

I love the Giffen / DeMatteis Justice League era, even if now they seem determined to annhilate its whole legacy.

Death of Superman is a classic.

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow is a classic.

5:22 am  
Blogger Greg said...

Starman is out in trades and is very excellent, only the first few issues of The Spectre have been collected, Suicide Squad is (shamefully) not in trade at all. Just so you know.

Hitman is brilliant (Ennis and McCrea) but not in trade.

Morrison's Doom Patrol is quite possibly the best comic book ever written. The first fifteen issues or so have been collected in three trades.

The Judas Contract (Teen Titans) is excellent. Wolfman and Perez, man!

4:18 am  
Blogger Jim Roeg said...

What everyone else said (especially Suicide Squad and Doom Patrol) and also Geoff Johns's Flash, beginning with the second arc.

5:08 am  
Blogger Marionette said...


No, I'm not going to make a suggestion because whenever you get people making a list like this they invariably suggest personal favourites rather than objectively significant works.

None of the comics so far listed are what I would consider classics (but then I haven't read them all) except Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, but unless you are steeped in silver age Superman you may well miss a lot of what's going on.

But trust me on this, Death of Superman is not a classic. Plus, the title gives away the ending.

7:37 pm  
Anonymous Chuck T. said...

Robinson's Golden Age, and Goodwin and Simonson's Manhunter (Batman guests, but it's great!) are two good ones from DC that should be easy to find. From there, go Vertigo. Trades all over the place there.

7:56 pm  
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