Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why Mister Fish?

Luke Cage 29

You look like a green, aqueous monster, and have developed an inferiority complex about it. Ordinarily, a cause for pity. But if you're going to turn this into anger and become a crimelord, then get yourself a decent name. Call yourself Slipstream, or Waveform or Sargasso. Anything. But not Mister Fish.

Casual readers will be relieved to learn that Luke Cage survived this fishy onslaught, and went onto become a member of the New Avengers (who are like the old Avengers, only with more merchandising opportunities). Sadly, his old costume has not survived the decades.

Incidentally, if Mister Fish hadn't become my weblog's totem, then the villain from the previous issue, Cockroach, could have been in the running. Which may be a tribute to the creative mind of Bill Mantlo, who dreamt them both up.


Anonymous Chuck T. said...

Hey, I think the guy that used to do used to do some funny stuff with Mr. Fish. Weird that I've seen him more on the internet than he ever appeared in comics. Anyway, good stuff here, and thanks!

10:06 pm  

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